Sunday, November 30, 2008


I always enjoy Thanksgiving. This year, Tom, the boys and I went down on Wednesday evening to stay with my parents for a few days. Kristen, Kelli, their husbands and their children were there, too. Nehemiah, Kelli's baby, was just born two months ago, and this was the first time I was able to see him. Needless to say, I held him every chance I got!
Thursday was filled with wonderful food and great fun! We always have a wonderful time together. Thursday evening, me, my sisters and our husbands were up late playing Balderdash. We laughed SO hard, we all had a great time! Then, Friday morning, Tom woke up at 5am to go shopping. Tom LOVES Black Friday. He loves the hustle and bustle and all the crowds. He maps out which stores he wants to go to and in what order. Before the boys were born, I used to join in the shopping. I must admit that I don't miss it. However, I am thankful Tom enjoys it because he saves us tons of money with all the good deals he gets. He spent about ten hours shopping!!
Black Friday also had another meaning this Thanksgiving. Kelli, Nathan (Kristen's son), Madelynn (Kelli's daughter), Noah (my son) and I all came down with a stomach virus. Madelynn had it earlier in the week, and the rest of us came down with it Friday. Jeremiah ended up getting it, too. As I type this, Tom and Luke are starting to come down with it. Even though we experienced some sickness, Thanksgiving was wonderful! Sadly, my whole family isn't together all that often, so when we are it is always a joyous time. The kids all play together really well, and me and my sisters are the very best of friends. I can't wait until Christmas.....we're all going to the beach together for a whole week. Yay!
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Saturday, November 29, 2008

When your Bundle of Joy isn't so Joyful

The holiday season hustle and bustle is officially upon us. There is nothing I enjoy more than the Christmas season. All the lights and decorations, Christmas music playing on every radio station, and holiday shopping at all hours of the day (in stores and online). This year, more than ever before, I'm excited about celebrating Christmas because of the wonderful children God has given my husband and I. Children, in their sweet innocence, remind me of what Christmas is really about, for it was a baby that came to this world to save us from our sins and to be our Savior. However, on Tuesday our sweet Madelynn Joy came down with the dreaded stomach virus. She was absolutely pitiful. She was quiet and reserved, not acting like herself, and all she wanted was to be held and cuddled. Even though she wasn't feeling well, Jeremiah and I both took advantage of that since she is a very busy little girl! There are no words that can describe how it feels when your children are sick. You want to take their hurt and sickness upon yourself (and we did - Jeremiah and I both got the same stomach virus). We are now thankful to report that our sweet Madelynn is on the mend and acting more like herself, dancing and singing and being the sweetest little girl I know! Thank you Lord, for our sweet bundle of Madelynn Joy!

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Stop, Look, and Listen!

Anchor your feet. Avoid the mirror. Look at your toes. Grab your wrists. Check your pulse. Close your eyes. Look through your eyelids. See the blood of your life. Open your eyes.

See one another. Watch the infants. Gaze at the toddlers. View the elementary children. Ponder the awakening middle schoolers. Understand the teenagers. Strengthen the young people. Encourage the new families. Embrace the parents. Feel for the grandparents. Hear the sounds.

What is being said? Who is saying it? What is the topic? Why the interest? Who is caring? What is your role? What can you say? Can you hear Pa-Po? Can you hear Paw-Paw Bettini?

is everything. Our Father which art in Heaven ... through Christ ... we are grafted into the family ... adopted, never to be separated. Share the bond. Hold each other close. Extend the circle. Never lose sight of Him who is the center.
By: James C. Barber
(Names added by Kelli)
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Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Hubby's 30!

My wonderful husband of almost eight years (will be eight years on December 16th) turned 30 years old today. Tom was twenty when we met. Ten years later he is even more amazing that I could have dreamed. You know, when you meet someone new, you always give them your best. You spend hours in front of the mirror making sure every hair is in place and your makeup looks perfect. You wax, tweeze and shave every single hair and you agonize over the perfect outfit to wear. You're flirty and giggly and everything the other person says is either brilliant, hilarious, or both. Then, you start getting comfortable and you let your hair down just a tad. You fall madly in love with each other and decide to spend the rest of your lives together. You buy a house, have babies, have more babies, and life starts looking a little less glamorous. Well, I can honestly say, Tom still takes my breath away. My love for him grows stronger every day. He is the smartest person I know. He is patient and kind and loving and extremely handsome. He adores his family and his family adores him. He seeks first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness. He prays without ceasing. He is a man of great character and loves Jesus Christ above all else. He makes me feel gorgeous and special and I am the luckiest woman in the world that God allowed Tom Howe to fall in love with me. I want to wish my husband, my greatest earthly gift, a Happy 30th Birthday! I love you, Tom, thank you for loving me.

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Friday, November 14, 2008

The Hobo

(Merona 4 Poster Hobo - Black)
I am always so very happy when I come across a deal or a sale. I am usually frustrated when I see something of someones and they say they paid only $3 for something that was originally $25. I am just not a good bargain shopper. I usually pay full price for something especially if it's something I really like or want. Well, finally I now have a bargain story of my own! My Paw Paw had knee surgery on Tuesday, so Jeremiah and I and the babies went to the hospital last night to visit him. Momma and Daddy were also there, along with Ernie and Judy. We were waiting for Maw Maw outside the room when I saw, what I learned to be, Momma's purse. I fell in love! If anyone knows me they know I am a purse freak. I have almost every style and color imagineable. Goodwill even carries some of my purses now! (ha ha) Anyway ... I went shopping today for a new pair of jeans at Target and I saw the same purse. When I looked at the tag I was presently suprised to find it was on sale from $22.99 to $11.48. When I got to the check out I received another suprise ... it was on sale once more for only $5.47!!! I called Momma to find out how much she paid, and unfortunately she paid the original price. So sorry Momma, but I got a deal!!

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Sweetest Thing...

Last night, the sweetest thing happened. I was sitting on the couch drinking a cup of coffee and flipping through a magazine. Noah came over and sat down beside me. There was a girl in a perfume ad wearing a bikini. Noah looked over my shoulder and said, "Ew, Mommy, you can see her bones!" I laughed, but secretly wished you could see my hip bones, too. Once upon a time you could. Oh, but what ten years and two babies can do to your figure!! Anyway, I asked Noah if he thought she was pretty. I was trying to see if that question even registered with him. I mean, he is only five. He said, "No." I turned the page and asked about the next model. "Nope," he said. Taylor Swift was on the third page I turned to and he said she wasn't pretty because her hair was too "wiggly." (Apparently he doesn't like curly hair, haha) At this point, I asked, "Noah, do you think any of these girls are pretty?" He said, "No, Mommy, I don't." I asked, "Why not?" That's when the sweetest thing happened. Noah looked at me and said, "Because, Mommy, I only think you are pretty. You are the only pretty girl in the whole world." Bless his little heart, he nearly suffocated at all the hugs and kisses I smothered him with. I know that one day he'll fall in love, and the girl who is lucky enough to be the object of his affection will be beautiful to him. But, for now, I will cherish the fact that I am the only pretty girl in his little five year old world!

My Sweet Noah

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Youngest Sister

'Baby of the Family' is written all over me. I'm Kelli and I'm the youngest. Always considered life of the party, I never felt as though I was taken serious. However, now that I'm married with my own children (Madelynn - 15 months & Nehemiah - 7 weeks) I feel I'm treated as a grown up. I mean, hello, I'll be 30 in December!! My mom gave me the greatest compliment I think any mother could ever receive ... she said, "You're a good mom, Teense"! Thanks "Dinky Mommy"! I have the greatest man standing beside me. Jeremiah is amazing and he still gives me butterflies, even after all this time (we celebrate 5 years next August). He loves me and honors me. Jeremiah is an unbelieveable dad. He reminds me a lot of Daddy. He's very protective of his little girl. He really hasn't had a chance to be protective of our baby boy yet -Nehemiah's too new! It'll happen, count on it. We have a very busy life, as my husband is a Middle School Pastor at our church ( But we love it all! We love our blessed little life.

I love to watch movies and drink coffee. I love diamonds and pearls and my favorite is a tall iced latte. I'm usually late. I can talk someone's ear off. I can be quiet and to myself. I smack my gum and slurp my soup. I love to travel. I love my friends and no one is more important to me than my family. I'm Italian. I'm Irish. I love my memories. I cherish my pictures. I love big blankets and soft socks. I'm imperfect. I love hazelnut creamer. I love the tropics. I sleep on my stomach. I laugh loud. I talk loud. I can never get enough of Mexican food. I'm loved. I'm me. I love a girl named Madelynn. I love a boy named Nehemiah. I love a man named Jeremiah. I love my Savior named Jesus Christ.

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The Eldest Sister

Hi, I'm Kristen. I am the oldest of the sisters three. I have never blogged before in my life. In fact, I don't use the computer much at all. I log onto facebook using everyone else's username and password, because I'm one of the few in my family who doesn't have my own facebook account! I love my family-I have a wonderful stud of a husband and two beautiful children. They are in Kindergarten and 1st grade this year. We stay very busy with school, church and sports. I love my parents and I love my sissies!!! I don't get to see them as often as I'd like-we are all in the ministry. We used to fight all the time when we lived at home, but now that we are all wives and moms (and have matured a little-I think :), we are now best friends. I am the chief instigator of the three-I enjoy getting something started and watching Kami and Kelli finish it! I can't wait to spend time with them Thanksgiving. Love you both!

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The Middle Sister

I, too, seem to have more friends who blog than friends who don't. I'm Kami, the middle sister. I have MCS (Middle Child Syndrome) in every sense of the word. I am a granddaughter, a daughter, a sister, a niece, a cousin, a wife, a mommy, a daughter-in-law, a sister-in-law, an aunt, a friend, an employee and a co-worker. Most of all, I am a child of God. I am insanely in love with my husband of eight years, Tom. I have two beautiful sons; Noah is five and Luke is three. I was a stay-at-home Mom for four years and loved every minute of it. I went back to work about a year ago. I enjoy my job and the people I work with. I adore my church ( I live a blessed life. Jesus Christ is my salvation and the One who gives me strength. I will blog about my past and my present in the hopes that both people who read it will enjoy it. (smile) OK, enough now, more later...

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The Time Has Come!

Everywhere I look online I see BLOGS! Everybody is blogging and I didn't want to be left out, but I've put it off for a pretty long time. Today, I finally bit the bullet! I started a blog. I wondered, however, what I would write, what I would share, and really, what I would title it - which is the most important part of a blog, in my opinion. So, I called my mom and my sister, Kami, for help in coming up with a creative title. Kami had a wonderful idea - she suggested that she, Kristen, and I share a blog! So, here it is - The Sisters Three. We hope to share with you stories from our childhood and musings from our everyday life, as we are all mothers ourselves now. We hope you find our blog fascinating, funny, and unforgetable. Enjoy!

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(Kami, Kelli, & Kristen - 1979)

(Kelli, Kristen, Kami - 1983)

(Kami, Kelli, Kristen - August 2004)