Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy 32nd Birthday, Keeeeeeeeeami!!!!!!

Well, I am a couple of weeks late wishing my younger sister a very Happy Birthday. Kami, you are approaching your mid-30's! Wow! Growing up, Kami and I argued some-the majority of it being whenever we shared a room. We shared a room in Greer-Kami couldn't stand when I would talk to Paul on the phone really late at night, because she was trying to sleep.

I remember when we lived in Greensboro, I was in 5th grade and she was in the 3rd grade at Guilford Middle School. The year was 1986 and Kami had taken a field trip that day (I think her class was going to the Natural Science Center or something). Anyway, this particular day was when the space shuttle 'Challenger' exploded in the air. I started freaking out because for some weird reason I was thinking Kami may have been on that shuttle! Duh!

I also remember this girl on our bus who would taunt us. She was a year older than me and mean as a snake! She didn't like me for some reason, so she would take it out on Kami. So, I started making Kami sit beside the window and I would sit near the aisle. That way, she would have to get past me to say anything to Kami-that was my way of protecting her as her "big sister". I also remember a time when a boy in our neighborhood was running his mouth to Kami at the bus stop one morning. Now keep in mind, this was a friend of Kami's and they used to get together and write book reports for fun. Ok, anyway, Kami and I didn't go to the same school-she was still at the middle school and I was at the high school, so she rode a different bus. She had come home the day before upset because this guy was talking about our family, saying really ugly things. So, I decided that this particular morning I was going to give him what for. There were about five or six of them waiting on the bus-I proceeded to tear out the front door, donning my curlers and marched my toothpick self over to the bus stop. With my tiny arms flailing, I told him the deal and then marched myself back home to finish getting ready for school. Wow-that felt good!!

Kami, Kelli and I all went through a lot together-moving, meeting new people, moving, meeting new people, moving, meeting new people....well, we did move a lot! I am so proud to be their big sister and they are my best friends! Kami, I am so glad you are my sister and I'm so glad God gave us to each other. I'm glad we live (somewhat) close to each other and I'm glad our children are close and love each other. You make me laugh (a lot!), you have a contagious optimism, you are so fun to be with! I love you more than you will ever know and am always here for you. You are a special gift from God.

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!!
I love you!!


posted by: Kristen