Monday, December 8, 2008

Children are Truly a Gift!

Momma & Daddy came over Friday night, December 5, to watch Madelynn and Nehemiah while Jeremiah and I went to our Sunday school Christmas party. I asked her to take some pictures for our 2008 Christmas card this year and all I can is WOW! I know I am partial but my children are the most beautiful I've ever seen! Enjoy!

Nehemiah Taylor

Madelynn Joy

Posted by: Kelli

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Nancy said...

Yes, your children are beautiful!!! Those are great photos!!! I read your mom's blog whenever I can, and wanted to check yours out, too. I have read some of your older all sound like such a loving family! Sorry everyone got the virus...I remember those days when my children were young. It always seem to be holidays when they got sick like that.

Your birthday tributes were wonderful!!! I feel like an intruder reading your posts, though....

(((((( HUGS ))))))