Saturday, December 6, 2008

Wootie's 30!!!!!!!!!!!!

This past Wednesday, December 3, was our youngest sister, Kelli's, birthday. She turned 30!!! Wow, Mom and Dad, all three of your girls are in their 30's now. Just think, in 10 years, we'll be able to tell you that all three of your girls are in their 40's!! That ought to make you feel really old! Kami and I don't call her Kelli, though. Her nickname is Woot. That can be translated into Wootie, Wootie Tootie, Aunt Wootie, Wootie Tootie Fresh and Fruity. That nickname has stuck since she was a baby. When daddy was pastor at Riverside in SC, our youth pastor at the time was walking around one Wednesday night trying to get a count of who would be going to summer camp that year. He came up and asked me if my sister was going. I said, "Who, Kami?" He said he had already talked to Kami. He was talking about my other sister. I said, "Woot?" He said, Yes, but what is her real name?!! Everyone knew her by 'Woot' there, it was a while before people realized that her real name started with a 'K', too!
Growing up, Woot and I never really fought or argued a whole lot. We never went to the same school at the same time. When I was more interested in hair and makeup, she was over at a neighbor's house mastering her trampoline skills! When I began dating Paul, she was only 11. She doesn't really remember life before Paul! When I got married, I moved seven hours away from my family. I had never been away from home before. When in college, I commuted. I didn't realize until I left home how fortunate and blessed I was to have such wonderful parents and wonderful sisters, who are now my best friends. When my children were very small, Paul was on the road a lot preaching and leading conferences, youth camps, etc. He was home every other week for about two years. Woot was always there for me. She helped me in more ways than she knows. She was always there to fix a bottle, change a diaper, rock somebody to sleep. She was also there for me to talk to, exercise with (the Firm, baby!), stroll babies with and just hang out with. God had her there at the perfect time, when I needed her most. Now my babies are no longer babies and she has babies of her own. Unfortunately, I can't be there physically like she was for me, but, Wootie, I'm still your big sister and will do whatever I can to be the support to you that you were to me.
I love you more than you know.
Happy 30th birthday!!!

Posted by: Kristen


Kami said...

Happy Birthday from me, too, Wootie. I love you much!!


Aww, Kristen - what a sweet post! I'm glad you girls love each other so much! I am so proud!!

Angelfaces said...

Kristen made me (Kelli aka Woot) read it over the phone as soon as she posted it and we were both crying! Thanks Sissy for such a sweet birthday wish! Love you!