Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ode to Joy & Philip

Most blog entries have an interesting and clever catch-phrase, but this one is different. This one is totally and completely about thanks and gratitude. Just to jump right in ... my parents are absolutely amazing! I know that I know that I KNOW my parents love me (and my sisters) more than anything in this world ... except for our children, maybe, ha ha! They raised, in my personal opinion, 3 incredible women who found 3 wonderful men, who in turn have 2 unbelieveable children (a piece). The Crews', the Howe's, and the Oliver's would not be if it weren't for the Whitt's (which my sister's and I, all 3, kept as our middle name). Now, being a mother myself, I know how much my parents really do love us and everything they did, and everything they sacrificed was because of their love for us.

Momma and Daddy watched my babies (17 months and 4 months) and my dog this past weekend while Jeremiah and I went on a youth trip. My parents are not old, by any means, but that's a lot of anybody to take on (have you been around my daughter!?!)! I could never express how much I appreciate or love them in this lifetime. Hopefully my life has and will show them. Thank you so much, Momma and Daddy!

I am beyond proud to be the daughter of Philip Kelley and Joy Garner Whitt.

My parents

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Wootie, I love you. You are a blessing to your dad and I and I know that you love us because you prove it every day. We are honored that we got to raise all three of you girls and we are so proud of what God is doing in your lives.
Give the babies and Daizee a hug for us!