Friday, November 14, 2008

The Hobo

(Merona 4 Poster Hobo - Black)
I am always so very happy when I come across a deal or a sale. I am usually frustrated when I see something of someones and they say they paid only $3 for something that was originally $25. I am just not a good bargain shopper. I usually pay full price for something especially if it's something I really like or want. Well, finally I now have a bargain story of my own! My Paw Paw had knee surgery on Tuesday, so Jeremiah and I and the babies went to the hospital last night to visit him. Momma and Daddy were also there, along with Ernie and Judy. We were waiting for Maw Maw outside the room when I saw, what I learned to be, Momma's purse. I fell in love! If anyone knows me they know I am a purse freak. I have almost every style and color imagineable. Goodwill even carries some of my purses now! (ha ha) Anyway ... I went shopping today for a new pair of jeans at Target and I saw the same purse. When I looked at the tag I was presently suprised to find it was on sale from $22.99 to $11.48. When I got to the check out I received another suprise ... it was on sale once more for only $5.47!!! I called Momma to find out how much she paid, and unfortunately she paid the original price. So sorry Momma, but I got a deal!!

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This was not a not an expensive purse, but a fun one. Wootie, you developed my bad habit of 'if I want it, I'll get it now, no matter the cost'. But remember the saying, "Good things come to those who wait". Looking forward to hearing more about your bargain shopping. MawMaw will be proud!
I love you!!

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