Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Sweetest Thing...

Last night, the sweetest thing happened. I was sitting on the couch drinking a cup of coffee and flipping through a magazine. Noah came over and sat down beside me. There was a girl in a perfume ad wearing a bikini. Noah looked over my shoulder and said, "Ew, Mommy, you can see her bones!" I laughed, but secretly wished you could see my hip bones, too. Once upon a time you could. Oh, but what ten years and two babies can do to your figure!! Anyway, I asked Noah if he thought she was pretty. I was trying to see if that question even registered with him. I mean, he is only five. He said, "No." I turned the page and asked about the next model. "Nope," he said. Taylor Swift was on the third page I turned to and he said she wasn't pretty because her hair was too "wiggly." (Apparently he doesn't like curly hair, haha) At this point, I asked, "Noah, do you think any of these girls are pretty?" He said, "No, Mommy, I don't." I asked, "Why not?" That's when the sweetest thing happened. Noah looked at me and said, "Because, Mommy, I only think you are pretty. You are the only pretty girl in the whole world." Bless his little heart, he nearly suffocated at all the hugs and kisses I smothered him with. I know that one day he'll fall in love, and the girl who is lucky enough to be the object of his affection will be beautiful to him. But, for now, I will cherish the fact that I am the only pretty girl in his little five year old world!

My Sweet Noah

Posted by: Kami



Sweet Noah! You will always be beautiful to him because you're his Mother.
You're a good Mama, Kami! I love you!

Becki said...

I just found this blog Kami...and yall are so awesome for doing it together! I've loved reading about your family! Ok, and this story about Noah made me cry! Not just tears in my eyes, but cry!! What a precious boy you have!

Anonymous said... I'm sitting here crying! That is precious! The pure and unconditional love of our children is the greatest joy ever!

Love ya Kami!