Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Youngest Sister

'Baby of the Family' is written all over me. I'm Kelli and I'm the youngest. Always considered life of the party, I never felt as though I was taken serious. However, now that I'm married with my own children (Madelynn - 15 months & Nehemiah - 7 weeks) I feel I'm treated as a grown up. I mean, hello, I'll be 30 in December!! My mom gave me the greatest compliment I think any mother could ever receive ... she said, "You're a good mom, Teense"! Thanks "Dinky Mommy"! I have the greatest man standing beside me. Jeremiah is amazing and he still gives me butterflies, even after all this time (we celebrate 5 years next August). He loves me and honors me. Jeremiah is an unbelieveable dad. He reminds me a lot of Daddy. He's very protective of his little girl. He really hasn't had a chance to be protective of our baby boy yet -Nehemiah's too new! It'll happen, count on it. We have a very busy life, as my husband is a Middle School Pastor at our church ( But we love it all! We love our blessed little life.

I love to watch movies and drink coffee. I love diamonds and pearls and my favorite is a tall iced latte. I'm usually late. I can talk someone's ear off. I can be quiet and to myself. I smack my gum and slurp my soup. I love to travel. I love my friends and no one is more important to me than my family. I'm Italian. I'm Irish. I love my memories. I cherish my pictures. I love big blankets and soft socks. I'm imperfect. I love hazelnut creamer. I love the tropics. I sleep on my stomach. I laugh loud. I talk loud. I can never get enough of Mexican food. I'm loved. I'm me. I love a girl named Madelynn. I love a boy named Nehemiah. I love a man named Jeremiah. I love my Savior named Jesus Christ.

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